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Privacy is your right.. and your trust is an honor for us:

You have the right to know how information and data you share on the website “Khair online”, are used, and we appreciate your confidence that the website will use them carefully and in a suitable way that guarantees the donor’s privacy in the most safe way. “Khair online “ is the website of “Rahma International” association which is a subsidiary to “Social Reform” Society in Kuwait. Rahma International is registered as a “public benefit and non-profit society” under the ministerial number: 24/1962. Its headquarters is: Kuwait – Hawalli - , block3, Al Moatasem Street parallel to Cairo Street, Sanabil Al-Khair Complex, phone no: 009651888808 Rahma International is a nonprofit charity organization, working in 44 countries around the world. Its mission is to build human being, raising awareness through fighting poverty, disease and hunger, eliminating the sufferance of all people in the world, and achieving societal development for them. We don’t practice any commercial transactions; buying, selling, or leasing, except what lies within charity investment and endowment. Also our work is not based upon the exchange of information, e-mail addresses or other personal contacts with foreign sources. Moreover, we do not send mail messages, e-mails, or information on behalf of other organizations. In this respect, we offer the following policy to explain our actions, and the options you have, regarding the way by which information or data of the honored donors are collected and used by our website “Khair Online”, as shown by the answers to the following below questions. By visiting our website “ ”, you admit acceptance of procedures mentioned in this policy.

Why we may collect information or data?

Information and data may be collected in order to offer better services to all users of “Khair online” website; through questionnaires and questions sometimes posted on the website; because knowing details related to trends and tendencies helps us in expanding the scope of charitable works, and at the same time, achieving better experience, more useful for the donors, beneficiaries, and charity in general. Information or data are collected if you have a desire to donate for charity projects and works, and in this case, if there is any need for your personal data, you will be notified and asked to submit them voluntarily because these information help us to communicate with you, answer your questions, and meet your needs as much as possible.

What kind of information and data? How are they collected?

Upon visiting our website “Khair online”, or donating for charity projects and works; you may provide us with personal information (such as; name, address, e-mail and phone numbers) which you choose to share with us. These information are registered only for the purpose of personal usage; to enable you to receive e-mails, newsletters, reports and other releases, keeping in mind that we don’t use these information except for replying your messages or answering your questions. They are used according to laws, rules, regulations and policies established in this context. Also, there are some general information or data which do not indicate your identity (such as, operating system, type of browser), are automatically received and used for technical upgrade, statistical analysis and technical support.

How can your personal information be processed?

When you submit your personal information for an application; they are only used to proceed this application (such as, donation to a charity, replying to one of your questions), and will not be shared with any external bodies unless they are needed to complete your application and unless they are included in collective data which are used for statistics and surveys, except any data indicating your identity.

Who can access these information or data?

Normally, these information and data are automatically (electronically) processed through specific applications and programs, need no sharing with employees, yet, in a very narrow range and for specific needs, they may be accessed by a few number of specialists and technicians, who have a direct access to these information and data. However, those employees are committed to respect the confidentiality and privacy of these information and data by signing a binding document. In exceptional cases (such as investigations and court cases), the employees of supervisory authorities or whoever needs to be informed by law, can access these information; subject to the provisions of law and orders of the judicial authorities.

What is the application scope of privacy policy?

This privacy policy is applicable to all services and transactions made on the website “Khair online” or the application “Khair online” of mobile phones, except in cases which stipulate privacy of specific services and transactions, then there is a separate privacy policy not included here. Nevertheless, the website “Khair online” may contain links to other websites which are out of our control and not covered by this policy. If you access other websites by using the links available at ours, you will be subject to the privacy policy of these sites which may be different from the privacy policy of our website “Khair online”, and you will have to read these policies related to other separate websites .

Can information and data be disclosed to a third party?

In all cases, we will not sell, lease or trade your information and data in favor of a third party outside this website, and we will maintain the privacy of your personal data at all times and will never disclose them unless they are needed by law, subject to the principle of “information disclosure” according to an order from the judicial power, as well as in following cases:

  • Meeting the needs of applied regulations, legal procedures or government actions, if applicable.
  • Applying terms of use including investigations in potential violations.
  • Detection or preventing dealing with fraud attempts, security problems or technical problems.
  • Protecting the website rights, properties and security, as well as protecting the users or public in general.

What if you choose not to submit any information?

Visiting the website “Khair Online” does not require disclosing your identity or any of your personal information. You can always donate as a “philanthropist” without submitting any of the required information. But in this case we will not be able to communicate with you, meet your needs or answer your questions, and you will not be able to follow up donations you made, and receive related reports or periodic reports on our charity activities in general. Though you will still be able to browse all sections of the website freely.

The amendment to the privacy policy

Due to the huge development in technical field, and change of the scope of laws related to electronic field, the website has the right to amend the terms of the privacy policy at any time. Amendments are made on this page, and you will be notified with any effective amendment made.

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