Rise of Charity

    Rahma International is one of Kuwait’s charitable institutions operating in charity and humanitarian fields, began more than 38 years ago, as it was established in 1982 as one of the charitable committees and then it has been publicized by Ministry of Social Affairs under ministerial resolution number 100/A 2018 AD, to offer its services to the needy inside and outside the State of Kuwait, through developmental, educational and health projects intended to boost human life in addition to orphan, poor and humble families and providing urgent relief for the needy. All orphans, students, humble needy families and those in need from refugees, in dire need, the poor, patients, distressed, and affected by wars and natural disasters …etc.


   Rahma International Association has 16 centers serving donators inside Kuwait and 27 representatives abroad accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs covering 45 states in Asia, Africa and Europe.


    The most notable aspect of Rahma International Association is obtaining ISO 9001:2015 and being the first philanthropic institution in transparency in the Arab world as per Forbs magazine classification as well as winning 16 national and international awards, the most recent of which is His Highness Salem Al Ali informatics for the best technical project against Hisaby “Arithmetic” philanthropic system. Further, Rahma International Association has been honored by Djiboutian president, Cambodian Prime Minister and international institutions due its developmental efforts. The Association has cooperation partnerships and agreements with a number of humanitarian and philanthropic institutions inside and outside Kuwait including but not limited to Zakat House Kuwait, Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation and International Islamic Charitable Organization inside Kuwait and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, International Committee of the Red Cross, Islamic development Bank, Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) Turkish organization and King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Centre outside Kuwait.

The most significant achievements of Rahma International were as follows:

    145,395 (Orphans, Students, humble needy families….etc.) receiving well care and support, establishing 30 developmental complexes for orphans, 456 educational institutions, 397 medical facilities, 12 682 small developmental enterprise, 30103 wells and water projects, 69000000 beneficiaries of the seasonal projects (Breakfast of fasting persons and sacrifices), building 6060 houses for humble needy families, 20755000 beneficiary of the aids and constructing 7603 mosques.