Good houses endowment
Share Value : 120 KD
Amount :
Prophet SAWS said, “The poor man is the one who does not possess independence of means and no one notices him to give charity to him, and he does not stand and ask of people." This endowment seeks reaching poor chaste families, its profits are spent to afford some decent life for those families and to save them from loss and disintegration. Its goals: to realize the principle of solidarity and compassion among Muslims, to protect decent families from disintegration and loss, to protect their kids from deviation, to provide necessary human needs, and to offer loans supporting them. You can pay the share value all at once, or through monthly deduction of (10 K.D) till it is fully paid. A membership certificate is being issued for the donor, and he will be given annual reports for his endowment achievements. The endowment official: Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kafeef