hope necklace endowment
Share Value : 4000 KD
Amount :
Charity has various doors, they vary in time and place, so charitable people gain one or two beads, while you, the owner of “charity necklace”, you have knocked all charity doors, and won the best and highest position by Allah’s favor. This endowment seeks to facilitate charity for charitable people through sharing in all its doors, prevent them from being tired of looking for the doors most suitable for charity and choose for them in all countries, all the times. Its goals: Spreading all kinds of charity and helping charitable people to put their funds in places suitable in aspects of time, place and humanity. You can pay the share value all at once, or through monthly deduction of (10 K.D) till it is fully paid. A membership certificate is being issued for the donor, and he will be given annual reports for his endowment achievements. The endowment official: Dr. Jassem Al-Muhalhal Al-Yasin