One body endowment
Share Value : 120 KD
Amount :
Many people worldwide are either refugees, homeless, needy or weak, hence, our religion urges compassion and solidarity, for which this endowment is made, to heal the bleeding wounds, alleviate pains and provide humanitarian needs necessary for those who need to live like humans. Its benefits are spent on sponsoring the aggrieved, the afflicted and the refugees during wars and disasters. Its goals: achieving the principle of solidarity and compassion among Muslims, relieving and caring for refugees and the affected during wars and disasters, and providing humanitarian needs for the afflicted, aggrieved and refugees. You can pay the share value all at once, or through monthly deduction of (10 K.D) till it is fully paid. A membership certificate is being issued for the donor, and he will be given annual reports for his endowment achievements. The endowment official: Sheikh Issa Athufairi