Al Aqsa Mosque endowment
Share Value : 250 KD
Amount :
Allah’s Prophet SAWS said about Al-Aqsa mosque, “Go and pray there, for one prayer there is like one thousand prayers elsewhere.” I said: “What if I cannot travel and go there?” He said: “Then send a gift of oil to light its lamps, for whoever does that is like one who goes there.” The profits of this endowment are spent for sponsoring Al-Aqsa mosque and supporting its cause. Its goals: Contributing in Al-Aqsa mosque maintenance and rebuilding, sharing in paying the salaries of its guards and publicizing its cause by all means. You can pay the share value all at once, or through monthly deduction of (10 K.D) till it is fully paid. A membership certificate is being issued for the donor, and he will be given annual reports for his endowment achievements. The endowment official: Dr. Walid Al-Anjary